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R.Crumb, along with his fellow traveller Bukowski, gives me hope.

Daniel Himmelfarb, Queens Village, NY


Just recd print Mr Natural Twas..... IT IS GREAT!! A SUPERB PRINT OF HIGHEST QUALITY!! COLORS ARE GREAT!! I can hardly wait to have it framed and put up on a wall. I will order another print(s) but have not decided which!! Thank you!!

Dr. Peter Wilhelm, Ann Arbor, MI


I've been a fan since I was 12.  I had glanced at Genesis in bookstores, and, while I admired it, couldn't imagine reading it. Now that I'm reading it, I love it.  It's a masterpiece.  It's the perfect way to tell these stories, and they are amazing stories. It's also the very rare graphic novel that occupies days of my time -- it's an imaginative place I can go to for days, and I'm so grateful. Please give my thanks and congratulations to Robert Crumb.

Daniel Birns


I think our generation, mine and Crumb's, was more encouraging than the current one, but took a wrong turn with drugs. I had a friend who said "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll?" he said "Sex, Boring and Boring". I think Mr. Crumb had his drug dalliance period but I'm so glad he avoided capsizing like so many. The romantic, self-destructive artiste is sooo played out. Thank God that Crumb, genius that he is, "survived the sixties."

Daniel Himmelfarb


I was but a young scrub of a Black kid when I was introduced to the artwork of R.Crumb, living in the projects in the South Bronx, NY.  But I was fortunate enough to have grown up during the "happening" years of the '60s and early '70s.  Like Crumb, I was a parochial school student and could easily relate to the "Catholic guilt" thing.  Something of a cartoonist myself back in those days, I loved the fact that Mr. Crumb was able to take Disneyesque cartoon imagery and subversively turn it on its ear.  I appreciated his use of light and shadow as part of the overall narrative.  I don't draw very much anymore (I have mouths to feed and folks who rely on me to do the grind everyday), but I've always considered Mr. Crumb to be one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.  I said as much on one of those "" Usenet groups back in the day, and they responded with "Oh, sure -- make a few doodles, drop some acid, and Presto!  There you have R.Crumb."  I remember being highly insulted by that.  The fact that his art remains an enduring part of Americana vindicates my belief.  Perverse?  Sure!  What wasn't in the '60s? I used to buy his Zap! Comix at a newsstand at Penn Station, or sometimes I'd venture to the East Village, which had even more titles. I've been trying to replace my collection ever since (I joined the military and moved a lot).  After I retired from the USAF, I remarried.  I accidentally stumbled upon the website, whereupon I declared, Baby!  I need $400!  "Why?"  I'd found these Hummel-like figurines of Fritz The Cat, The "Truckin'" Guy, Flakey Foont, Mr. Natural and Devil Girl. "Whaaaat?!?? $400 for *that*??!!???"  Anyway, I bought 'em about 7 years ago and they occupy an honored place in my family room wall unit.  Did I think Robert's depiction of African-Americans, as some of us now call ourselves, was racist?  Absolutely not.  What segment of society *wasn't* satirized in Zap Comix?  I seem to recall a strip in which an uptight suburban Caucasian family was engaging in, shall we say, in-breeding, and behaving as though it was the most normal thing in the world as they later sat at the dinner table. R.Crumb was an equal-opportunity offender, presuming that you found his exaggerations of real life offensive.  I found them funny. Hats of to ya, R.!  You're as much a part of my cultural psyche as Sam Cooke or Jimi Hendrix or Tex Avery or Fritz Freleng or the Beatles or Kurt Vonnegut.  For better or worse, you're part of who I am.

Darryl, Springfield, OH


The Fox TV show Raising Hope is resurrecting Crumb t-shirts. First I saw Mr. Natural and last night I saw Fritz the Cat! Bringing back some good ole’ memories I thought I burned out… prompted me to buy your Mr. Natural t-shirt. I hope this inspires many more sales.

Steve Clark, Summerville, SC


Hi Robert, love your work. First started reading your strips in '69-70 ,bought at the local head shop. We even name a friend of ours Snoid. You brought us many of laughs. Just wish you had baseball caps with Snoid logo.

Hughie James


As a teenager in the early 70s, I worked two jobs to buy Crumb's work. Glad to see it continues to be recognized and enjoyed.

Tacy Newell, Christiansburg, VA


Robert, Thank you. I was 13 in 1969, when I obtained Zap #1, at a headshop called the Sartorium in downtown Cleveland. It has led to a lifetime of comix enjoyment. At 11 years old, I grabbed a handful of your greeting cards out of the trash behind a drugstore on Euclid Avenue. I still have them, I think, somewhere... Regards, Kurt

Kurt W. Tuckerman, Chokoloskee, FL


Ask Robert if he remembers the "SLOW CHILDREN" sign he made and put up in Kathy's neighborhood in Folsom. . . I lived there in the neighborhood then and still do.

Frank Hilscher, Grass Valley, CA


Dear Robert Crumb,

I became a fan of your work at 17 reading The Yum Yum Book. It inspired me to be a cartoonist myself. I'm 37 now. I bought a rapidograph pen today and I'm still wondering how much time you put into creating a comic page. And where do u find the patience? I prfefer your more recent work, the autobiographical stuff. Keep up the good work! I will always be a big fan.

Bas van Tuijl, Rottedam, Netherlands


I am an admirer of Mister Crumb. I shall like showing him this video which I dedicated him.

Joannick Riviere, Nantes, France


I really enjoyed Genesis; it actually brought me to tears in some places especially parts in Abraham's descendants.

Also I've dabbled in reading the Bible and I've inherited several copies but it's hard to plow through all that stuff. So thanks Robert for making it interesting and your notes helped a lot, I knew there were many "mashups" and borrowings and you brought them out. I really don't know how people get a literal narrative out of it (the Torah or Bible) but I guess that's a pretty common question.

So, good job and use the brush more often!!

Ron Wilkinson, Ventura, CA


So, just before I left for a mini-vacation to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky with my family I placed an order for some comics, a collection of Mr. Natural trade paperback and a t-shirt. I expected the usual (for other sites) weeks long wait by the mailbox and certainly did not expect to be greeted by the package waiting on my front porch when I returned home from my three day adventure.

I am more than impressed with the speed in which my order was received, processed and then delivered. I am also more than satisfied with the packaging efforts that brought my purchases to me in pristine condition. You folks rock!

R. Crumb has been an inspiration and a source of great pleasure to my gray matter for a substantial portion of my fifty-three years. I have a young son, to whom I will be passing along these gems to now in my possession. It is nice to have these wonderful comics back in my life. Thank you so very much.

The tee-shirt with Flakey Foont is now my favorite article of clothing.

Dirk Bauman


Thanks for the truly beautiful 'R. Crumb Himself' giclee print which arrived in the mail a few days ago. It's another great quality print from your company. I am very happy with it!

Jan, The Netherlands


To whom it may concern, I received my 2 Crumb prints yesterday (wasn't home Friday when the package was originally delivered) and I feel compelled to pass along my ecstacitc satisfaction at the unbelievable quality of the prints. Certainly, the small product pictures on the web store didn't do these 2 classic pieces of art any justice whatsoever. I would like to give my thanks, appreciation and highest compliments to the folks who produced these spectacular prints. The colors are so incredibly vibrant and intense...I just didn't know prints could be made like this. They are worth every hour the creators spent making them and every penny I spent to buy them!!! Compliments and thanks also to Mr. Crumb for allowing these prints to be made of his amazing work. They do him great credit. Thank you for your time.

Corey Sauer


Hi Wonderful Crumb People -- In the mail yesterday, I got the 2 tee shirts I ordered and I wanted you to know that they are WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy with them -- they are a birthday present for my boyfriend and I know he'll love them. The quality of the shirts themselves and the screen prints are GREAT!!! We now have one signed print, another numbered print, several books of his and 3 t-shirts -- when I get more money I'll be ordering more as time goes on. I love Mr. Crumb's art and have been a fan since the 60's. Thanks so much for your promptness and thanks so much for the things you have on-line.

Susan Pogreba - Fairhaven College


The Monica Lewinsky etching arrived today and it's a beauty. Many thanks for the quick shipping and for having sent such a low number! I appreciate it!



Todd, got the print. Thanks for it getting it done under the wire. The bride and groom were thrilled.

Ron, Salt Lake City


Thank you for all, and the t shirt was arrived yesterday, the best service see you soon, saludos desde la ciudad de mexico un fan mas de Mr Crumb!

Ivan Pastrana


Thanks for processing the order so quickly. The quality of the t-shirt printing was terrific. I am so happy that Mr. Crumb's images are being reproduced so faithfully. Thanks for being excellent!

Charlie Bozonier


Thank you all very much, I received my shirt very quickly. I'm very pleased. KEEP ON TRUCKIN'!!

Phil Campion, England


I love you Mr. Crumb. I love the evocative nature of your art...Years ago, growing up in the south(I'm a native Texan)I used to feel "DIRTY" about my sexuality...I mean DIRTY in a shameful way...Folks used to say I looked a lot like the women you draw...not like this was a compliment of any sorts.So, years went by, and I met the love of my life, a big, black,butt loving cowboy (from San Fran) at an Albert King concert. ...we had a Blues Wedding (remember the Inn Of The Beginning in Cotati) and are still togeather some 20 years later, playing blues (him on piano and me on guitar) and doing, well, you know what...Thank you for all the great works you've put out there for us to enjoy.You are beyond compare.

Sincerely, Susan


I've been a big fan since the early '70s. What a big impact the early comics had on me and my friends. We just couldn't wait to read the new comics as they came out. They were especially cool when we were all hanging out in mikes garage smoking the reefer. We had to keep them hidden from our prudish parents which always turned into a cat and mouse game. I love all the collectable stuff I see on this web site (especially the filth bible) and if not for the wife I would buy a piece. Hopefully when the kids have moved on I'll be able to get something to remind me of those fun loving days. I guess with the 3 kids to raise she's probably right. Anyway, keep putting out those great comics and drop me a line sometime.

Stephen Hollywood - Corona